The following links will take you to copies of the plans and elevations submitted to the Haringey Borough Planning Department as part of the Parish's planning application. Click on the small thumbnail to see the full size image, which will open in a new window.

These drawings, together with a model based on them, are available to be viewed in St Andrew's Church, by arrangement with the Parish Office. More details here.

Warning! The full size images are files of between 300 and 400 kb each and may take some time to download. Please be patient.

The first plan shows the site as it is now: the church rebuilt after war damage, shorter & less prominent than Alder's original building, with an absidal main West entrance, reminiscent of Alder's baptistry in the same location; the Church Hall complex, with a small hall and several rooms built behind the 1920s Large Hall, abutting what is now St Regis Close. existing site plan
The second plan shows the site following the works proposed in the first planning application: demolition of the facilities at the N.W. corner of the site, refurbishment of the Large Hall & the provision of enhanced facilities to the front, offering flexibility of use, greater security, ease of access for disabled & others, a single entrance to the Church & Hall areas of the site; the line of Alder's building is restated in the line of the new entrance, with the location of the original baptistry & font marked in the paved area. proposed site plan
The third drawing shows elevations of the present buildings, together with a schedule of the existing materials. existing elevations
The fourth drawing provides elevations following the proposed works: note the spire-lette surmounted, echoing another feature of the earlier St Andrew's; landscaping features are not shown; a schedule of proposed materials is included. proposed elevations
The fifth plan relates to the concurrent application to build a small house on part of the N.W. corner of the site opened up as the result of demolition; elevations are also shown, as is a site plan indicating the amount of garden/open space remaining. Access to the dwelling would be from Windermere Road, along a path at the rear of the Church. proposed house
The first of two sets of photographs of the development model, prepared by the architect, shows the existing buildings & gives a sense of how the front of the site might eventually look. development model photo 1
The second set of photographs of the development model shows how the front of the site might look from further angles. development model photo 2